Social Media Management

Ruber Media to increase the awareness of your brand on social media with creative ideas and original designs.

It is not possible for a company that does not exist in social media to be successful today. Regardless of the sector you serve, you need social media to reach your target group and to ensure the continuity of your sales by increasing the interest in your brand. By effectively using social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram, you can reach large groups in a short time and make your brand known.

As Ruber Media, we provide a qualified service in the field of social media management. We are here for your brand with our team of experts in advertising management, graphic design, content production and software.

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Why Ruber Media?

We follow social media trends regularly and do the best for your brand. While managing your social media accounts, we produce appropriate solutions by understanding the needs of your company and your target group. From graphic design to text production, from advertising planning to monthly and weekly calendars, we do everything in accordance with your company and your sector, and we inform you about the workflow with the reports we give regularly.

Our services

  • Social Media Account management
  • Create a Calendar
  • Visual Design / Video Editing
  • Ad Management
  • Reporting
  • Target Group Analysis

You can contact us to make your brand successful on social media with our qualified services.